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Appologies for my lack of German. I signed up for a mobile phone - two year contract in late 2019 (December I think but I can't remember for sure). 
Can someone please help me to ensure that this contract is cancelled at the end of its original period as I don't want it to roll over to a new fixed period automatically. I am definitely not in need of this service and do not want to be liable to pay. 

Please let me know which details I need to provide you to facilitate this. 




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Hi AndrewWhyte,


thank you for your message. Smiley (fröhlich)


We are also happy to help you here in English.


Andrew, in order for us to cancel the contract, we need your notice 3 months before the 24 months are around.


But let's have a concrete look. Please send a PN with your phone number, the customer password and the link to your post here.


Best regards



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