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Contract Termination



I took a cellular contract in november 2019 with customer number xxxxxxxx. In January 2020 I travelled to my country for vacation for 1 month. But due to corona situation and other health issues, I had to stay in my country permanently. So I am not coming back to Germany. Is there a way that I can pay the full amount of my contract at once and end the contract or can my banl be changed to Indian bank. It has been quiet a few months since I am trying to resolve this issue. Kindly help me with this.


Thanks and regards,



Edit: Customer number removed. BR WolfgangF

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Hi Resham,


thank you for your request. I hope you are well in times of corona.


Please send me a PN with you customer number and your customer password. I will check if I am able to help my with this.


Best regards


#Stayhome und bleibt gesund
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