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Charged with Mobiles Bezahlen but no participants added

I received my statement this month and I saw that I was charged for Mobiles Bezahlen, I searched online to see what is was and how to disable it, since I didn't want it since the beginning. It turns out, I cannot deactivate, since I don't have any participants added.


Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 18.45.10.png

How can I avoid being charged every single month for something that I don't want and didn't enable?

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Hi FelipeUmpierre,


for using MeinVodafone please add your contracts. For mobile your can do it here with your customer-ID and the password you´ve fixed by starting the contract:


Then you can stop the charges for Mobiles Bezahlen there.


Or you can contact us via PN  with your mobilenumber, the password and the link to that thread here.


Have a nice sunday



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Hello HeikeF,


Thank you for your reply and the how-to. I notice that my main account has multiple contracts, maybe that is why I wasn't able to deactivate earlier. Once I followed your link and the steps, I created a new account just with my phone number in it.


Best regards,


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