Change address and date of sim card delivery
I keep trying to call the customer service but can't get through to the operator, I'm calling from abroad (Lithuania) and speak only little German. 
I did communicate while arranging the contract that I will only be arriving to Berlin and at the given address on November 1st, however I see the delivery date is October 23rd? I will not be there. Can I arrange delivery on November 1st (after 3pm) or pick up somewhere else? In addition, I gave an apartment number for delivery which is also not included in my information.
Can you help me?
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Welcome to the Community, SimonaB Smiley (fröhlich)


I'm sorry that pre-setting the contract start date did not work out. However, this should be no problem.  


The documents and your sim card will be thrown into your letter box, so you won't need to be present. (The documents can be signed and re-sent by you afterwards).


Of course, you should have a letter box labelled with your name.


Apartment number: If this is needed, you can send me a private message and include the apartment number.


Best regards



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