Cancellation of Contract

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I need help to cancel my contract for sim and Internet I yet to receive.


I apologize as I cannot speak or write in German.  I am struggling with Customer support as it is not available over the phone in English even when clearly asking for an operator as I have read here.


I took a contract for a Sim card and internet. "Red internet and Phone 16 DSL" or gigakombi I guess.  The contract was taken in April and to this day, the 16th of may, 2018 I still yet to have any of the product I signed up for.  I kindly ask that we both just forget this happend, square up whatever small bill, and cancel all contracts.


I have not received any of the internet routers or modems to use the internet, and the sim has no signal or network, so both items are useless and costing me money for nothing.  I know we can find a solution for both of us to close this contract as nobody has received anything from the other, except I seem to be bound to pay Vodafone money.  as I have not received services the contract has not started, and am still entitled to cancel it. 


Please let me know how we can discuss options going forward,




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Re: Cancellation of Contract

Hi Frenglish,


welcome to the Vodafone Community.


I like to look at this if you send me a PN with your mobile number, the password and the Fixnet- customerID.







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Re: Cancellation of Contract

Hello HeikeF,  I have sent a private message.


Kind regards