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Cancel Gigacube


Hi, I currently have Gigacube.

However, I will move back to my country today.

I have M e l d e b e s t ä t i g u n g für Abmeldung from my address.

In this case, Where should I contact to close my contract?

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Hello @Sjang,


usually there is cancellation before the 24 month contract period is done.

We can have a look at your issue but i can´t guarantee anything.


Please leave me a PN with your customer account number and password.


And please attache your Abmeldebestätigung.




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Thank you for your reply Mr. Boris!

I got informed from one of your colleague before that my contract can be changed to  the  Vodafone  GigaCube Flex tariff which is free of charge. (As I left Germany and have de-registration confirmation for my place of residence)

I can attach my document here but it has personal information. 

So could you tell me your email address so that I can send you individually?

Thank you for your help again and looking forward to hearing from you.

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