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Sorry my german is not so good... 


I have receivd my monthly vodafone bill of 175Euros which is a bit high to say the least (attaced)vodafone.PNG


This is becaus I have two cnotracts (one of which I do not use at all because I was mislead into it by a vodafone salesman in Darmstadt) and 100Eur third party costs which I do not authorise at all. my questions are:


a: is there a way to terminate at least one of my two contracts? I have Vodafone red which i made in 2017 an Vodafone Datago in 2018. The Datago contract was suggested to me by a salesman because I was receiving 100eur/month third party requests and his advice was to buy an additional data plan (Which i now realse it the wrong advice). Moreover, this plan utilizes a Router, which I never received, so I do not even us the plan, yet still pay for it. Today I spoke with a very helpful vodafone representative via phone and was told the Datago option is actually for home use and for using with tablets. I own no tablets and have a seperate home internt provider. I really wascammed by Vodafone Darmstadt


b. I blocked third party payments but i am still getting a message that on 07.05.2019 I will be charged 175euros. due to third parties. O of course do not authorise this so is there a way to stop this?


thank you This is a really difficult situation as my only options I was given was to keep on paying the two contracts till 2020, one of which I do not even use

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If you signed for two contracts, then you'll have to keep them until their end - a premature cancellation is mostly not possible. Please keep in mind to send the cancellation in time, otherwise the contracts will extend themselves automatically.


For the third party parts:

If you have bookings from 3rd party companies, they're most likely because you authorized them to use mobile payment (e.g. to buy apps in an app store and pay them using your mobile bill). But there are some fraudulent companies that try to charge you for premium services - so it would be good to check your invoices if you actively authorized the 3rd party to charge you using your mobile bill or not.

If all of them are not authorized, it'd be good if you'd call the hotline and ask them to bar mobile payment (both, single payments and abonnements). They might also be able to charge back some of the costs that have already been charged on your invoice right now.


If you are not familiar with calling the Hotline in German - it could be easier for you to wait for a moderator to help you. But this might take some time.

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yes you are absolutely right that I made a contract, however it was undermisleading conditions.


What the salesman sold me was something used for home internet / tablets which requires a router to work. I never received the router so I have actually not been using the service since it even begun. My options are to either cancel the account or get the router and walk around the street carrying it to have wifi (I already have DSL at home so this would be the only case where I actually use it). 


When I was told about the upgrade, right up until after I signed the contract, I was led to believe that this was a service which would be added to my simcard - the issue about carrying a router around only came AFTER I signed the contract.


so, yes I signed a contract and I was stupid enough to not go with a german-speaking colleague. However, the unethical behavior of the Vodafone sales rep is also something customers should be protected against

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