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Red+Kids Volume


if I activate Red+Kids Zusatskarte, how many GB there will be?

Is it possible to have that new card with number portability from other operator?

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Hi medicol,


nice that you are interested in a Red+ Kids Zusatzkarte. Smiley (fröhlich)


The Red+ Kids card does not have its own data volume. You can allocate up to 10 GB of your data volume per month to the card.


We can arrange the number porting for you. Please contact our customer service for this purpose.


Best regards



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not yet clear to me how it works and how much shall I pay.

Is it possible you clarify me?

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Maybe I have understood.

I pay a fix of 10€ per month, and I steal GB from my Hauptkarte.

So if e.g. my Hauptkarte has 20 GB I can set 10 GB to Kid card a principal card has then only 10 GB.

Am I right?

The same with PartnerKarte I think.

Can anybody confirm if my understanding is correct?

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