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Re: Cancel mobil Contract

Hello I will be finishing my studies in Germany and moving back to the USA. I was not informed that my contrat would automatically extend on its own after the 2 years i signed it for. I got in contact with a few vodafone customer service representatives who informed me that I need to send my Abgemeldet in order to cancel my contract before the end date. Unfortunatly I seem to be having a problem uploading it to the online contact form. Is there anyone that can help me cancel my contract. Thank you. 

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Even with the deregistration form, your mobile contract will run until your cancellation gets active - so to the end of the next term in case your cancellation is received in time (most likely 3 months before the end of the term).


Background: The telecommunication act includes a special right to prematurely cancel in case the service is not granted at your new address - anyhow, as mobile contracts can be used worldwide as contractually agreed (which includes roaming fees), this special right does not apply. Moreover there is an option called "EasyTravel Flat" that reduces the roaming fees even for permanent usage in the US to ~20 € / month - so you can use the contract in the US for that remainder of the contractual term.


By the way: Most of the contracts are auto-renewing if no explicit cancellation is received before the notice term ends.

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Hi kirbej,


thank you for your contribution here.


reneromann is right. But feel free to let me see when the earliest possible termination will be possible.


For this please send me a PN  with your phone number, the customer password and the link to your post here.


Best regards  



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