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Trying to cancel contract for years

Hello, I need some support with contract cancelling (phone number and giga cube).

I left Germany a year ago, I announced this in a Vodafone store, and they informed me they would cancel my contract. Nothing happened, So I reached another Vodafone store and I kept on paying.
Nothing happened again, so I assumed I would have to pay either way until the contract time was finished.
The time finished, nothing happened. Vodafone kept sending bills.
So I notified again via an online form. I kept on paying until this year. But no cancelation happened, it was ignored and I keep receiving notifications saying they will pursue a collecting agency.

Could you help me out? I'm feeling lost, not sure on how to proceed.

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Hi Theounderstars,


we try to help you here.


Please send us a PN  with your Phone-Numbers or customer-ID an the password please.


Thx and best regards



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