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(Englisch) Can't access Original MeinVodafone Account

Hello Everyone,


My name is Mauricio, I am a new customer whom recently contracted an internet service on a Vodafone booth in Aachen, I received my router on Friday 17/09.


A few days ago, I received an e-mail asking me to confirm my email address associated to my MeinVodafone Account. Sadly, it seems that my birthday date was entered wrongly, which means that I could not confirm my email account. I need help correcting the stored birthdate and also to gain access to the account.


Since my german is not good enough, I could not call the Vodafone Hotline to request support, so I had to make an additional account (this one) to ask for help here in the community. If any Vodafone support member could contactme  to correct this issue I would be really thankful. I can't provide additional personal information here since this is a public forum, but I will gladly do it to whomever contacts me from Vodafone.


I am looking forward to your answer, Thank you.





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Hi Mc93,


I am very sorry for my late feedback. Smiley (traurig)


I have just read your request carefully. In order to be able to change your date of birth, we need a copy of your identity card (both sides). Please send it by e-mail (with customer number, name, address and federal state) to:


Kind regards


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