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Termination of contract


I was about to cancel the automatical renew of my GigaCube contract, since I'm almost at 3 months before the end of my contract. But now I checked again and it says that "letzter Kündigungstermin" is just 1 month before.
Is that correct?
If I use the option "Vertrag Kündigen" below "Meine Vertragsdetails" in MeinVodafone right now, can I still use the GigaCube until the end of my contract?

Thank you!

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Hey @LorenzoF,


i think the issue is that theres a new law in germany which says that prolongation after 24 month is only allowed for a month and not 12 months like before.

If you cancel your contract there must be a date for your cancellation and until then you can user your GigaCube.



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