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I recently applied online for, and received, a gigacube 125gb contract.

The documentation says I have until the 19th August to sign and return in the 'envelope provided'! However, I have no provided envelope to return the documents in?...


Also, after testing this for the last few days, it would seem I'm using more data than anticipated so I'm hoping is it possible to change to the 250gb contract before accepting this?

If possible to change to the 250gb gigacube online offer I assume I'll need to sign a new contract anyway?


For reference, I have tried contacting by phone on both the numbers provided for customer services? On the none standard number I just got immediately disconnected, and on the standard number it automatically goes to a recorded answerphone. My Deutch at this point is pretty basic at best so I've no idea what the answerphone says... Assuming I'd eventually get through to a human if I just stayed on the line I tried to wait it out but no I just got disconnected from that to...

Apart from sending this message I see absolutely no simply way for a none Deutch speaker like me to make contact for this enquiry? So I'm hoping this will work -fingers crossed- I spent a rather frustrating afternoon yesterday just trying to get in touch and eventually getting to this point between Google translate and lots of searching... :/

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Hi Jerubale,

welcome to the Community Smiley (fröhlich)


You can send the documents to


Vodafone GmbH

- Kundenbetreuung -

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You can upgrade your price plan to the GigaCube Max with 250 GB anytime. Upgrading will extend your subscription to 24 months.


Simply send me a private message and I will take care of this.




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