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No DSL and Cable connection in new apartment

Hello Community,


Greetings of the day and sorry for posting in english as my Deutsch is not so good.


I have internet connection contract for 2 years which i bought in Feb. 2022 I changed my apartment recently and in my new apartment i don’t have cable and DSL connection owner is asking to have internet from electricity/storm.
Is it possible to cancel existing contract as i an not able to use it.


thanks in advance



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When someone moves he has to notify Vodafone of that move, using the "Umzugsservice":




Vodafone will then check the availability at the new location. If the (exact same) contract is available, the contract moves to the new location, too. If not, Vodafone themselves will end the contract.


If your German isn't good enough to use the Umzugsservice mentioned above, use the Social Media channels (Facebook or Twitter) for English support mentioned here:



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