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Neu kabel connection not working - 3rd weeks and still waiting

I applied for Vodafone internet on 29.08.2022. On 5.09.2022, I could finally get a correct contract with Vodafone Kabel. The router arrives on 08.09.2022 but there is some technical issue. On friday, they arrange for a technician to come on Monday (12.09). 


The technician cant solve the problem and says another technician should come but I dont hear from any one.

Because I dont speak german I spend everyday 4hrs to just reach someone who understand english in Vodafone customer care service.


I have 2 questions. Is a new customer who doesnt speak german a joke to you? For a service that I am going to pay for, I am spending half of my time just to get this service started. 

Is it not Vodafone's responsibility to give me a working internet?


Now your customer care says they dont have any free technician, so they dont know when I will get this situation solve. WOW! 
Amazing customer experience  you people are providing. Is there any possibility of me getting internet this week or its outside your domain to provide internet for me at all? 

Please let me know.

All I do everyday before and after work is to call the customer service just to wait and get hanged up without my problem being solved.

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