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Landlord confirmed that cable connection not possible in my apartment


I have had a cable internet contract with Vodafone for almost two months now but have never accessed the internet on it as there was no connection in my cable port. After a visit from a vodafone technician they could also not figure out why there was no connection in my apartment as they could not track the cable connection anywhere in my apartment. My landlord has now just told me that cable is not possible in my apartment as renovations that happened recently in the apartment have obstructed the cable connection and the port cannot be accessed. 


I need to sort out another internet contract that doesn't require a cable connection as it is impossible in my apartment - can I cancel this contract while I seek another 5G option? 

I hope you can see all the notes on my account with show that cable is not possible in my apartment to support cancelling this contract. 




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Hello alicemoon,


Oh dear, that doesn't sound so nice. I have had a look at it. The order is still with the installation company. They are currently checking the pipe routes. After that, another meeting with you and the caretaker will take place. If the connection cannot be realised, the technician will report the order back to us. In this case, your contract will be cancelled.


Best regards


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Hi Nancy,


The technician has just been again and they were unable to realise the connection and they have also advised it that the only option is to cancel the cable contract as cable is not possible in my apartment, and I will seek out another option for having wifi connection. Please can you cancel my contract as this has been going on for two months now and I need to find another solution.




Hi alicemoon,


meanwhile there's also the feedback from our technicians. The order for the cable contract is cancelled.


You'll get a written confirmation via post and I'll send you a copy via e-mail.




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