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Internet very slow and a lot of connectivity issues. Important (unable to do work from home)

I have a 1000 Mb internet package. My speed is very slow and a lot of connectivity issues. In nights I get 1mb to 2mb. This is seriously deal-breaking for me. I tried complaining via call but each time person speaks German and ends call without solving the issue.


2nd issue. I have lot of connectivity issue. Wife automatically disconnects. I tried restarting router several times but its still a problem. Please solve it on priority as I need to do work from home.


3rd I have downgraded the package to 100MB. It's been a few weeks but still no progress.

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Looks to me like the problem is situated in your own network, the router seems to receive the full speed. Are you using wired or wireless connection when doing the speed test?


About the downgrade: are you out of the minimum contract term already or have a contract with the option to downgrade after 6 months? If neither you are stuck with the original speed until you are out of the minimum contract term.


Above of all that, this is a customer-to-customer forum only, not an official Vodafone support channel. For individual support in English use the Twitter or Facebook contacts listed here: