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I have 2-connection cable sockets. I received my cable router without the multimedia socket adapter.



Sorry I don't speak German. I ordered a Vodafone high speed cable connection and router (on Monday Sept 4th) as I have cable in my apartment. I mentioned that the sockets have 2 connections, so I need a multimedia socket adapter. But there was no adapter in the box I received today (Thursday Sept. 8th), so I cannot connect anything.


Could anyone working for Vodafone send me an adapter? It is a nightmare to read the websites when you don't understand a word of the language. I would appreciate some help. I am lost without a home wifi. Thanks a lot in advance !



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This is a customer-to-customer forum, no individual support is available here. For support in English use the Twitter/X or Facebook contacts listed below. Support could send you an adapter, or - which would be the better solution - send a technician who while switch the outlet to the correct one. Tell them „self-installation failed“ and that should happen at no cost.

Thank you very much for your response. Following your advice, I contacted Vodafone through Twitter in English and they responded immediately and sent me an adapter for free which I received after a few days. Just in case, I also bought these ones on Amazon for around 10 euros each: (Axing TZU 21-65 Multimedia Plug-On Adaptor) and (TronicXL Broadband Multimedia Adapter IEC Coax Splitter for Cable Modem and TV Cable). I leave the references so maybe it can help someone else in the future. Everything works more or less correctly now. Thanks a lot again Peter !