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Erbschaft - Aufhebung des Vertrages - Bitte um Hilfe (English)

Leider spreche ich nur Englisch.


I'm dealing with the inheritance of a relative of mine.
I would like to ask you for information on what contract is kept with Vodafone and specifically for which service / services. It is paid every month by order from the bank and the house is now empty, so I need to cancel the contract.

I can't find any contact and I received this message from

please contact our english speaking colleagues at 
They will take care of your request. Simply create a new thread for your topic
and have a little patience. Thank you very much.

Can you send me message here please?

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The thing is: Contractual language is German - so everything related to the contract has to be done in German...

And as this is a customers-help-customers forum, most people (except some few Vodafone employees) may not be able to answer your question about what contract(s) exist in full depth.


But you may check the bank account details which company is withdrawing money:

a) Vodafone GmbH --> DSL contract (landline internet using the phone outlet) -or- mobile contract

b) Vodafone Deutschland GmbH --> cable internet contract (landline internet using antenna outlet) -or- cable TV serices in all federal states except Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Northrhine-Westphalia

c) Vodafone West --> cable internet -or- cable TV services in Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Northrhine Westphalia


If there's multiple withdrawals from different companies, you will also need to send letters to all of them.