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[cable] SEPA and invoice

Dear Vodafone team,


my Customer number is ***, cable internet.
Although I tried to submit the SEPA form signed through the Kebel webpage, somehow the process of attachment is not working now. How can I send the file to you?

In addition, I have a question. Actually, I contracted this cable internet through website. They asked me to send the invoice( Rechnung). But I cannot find it from documents you sent before by DHL box. Could you let me know where I can find my invoice? 

Thank you very much for your service.

EDIT: @jang1 personal data deleted

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Hello jang1,


i cannot accept the SEPA mandate here. Please register in MyVodafone. For this purpose you have received an activation code with the order confirmation, which you need for this. Then you have to add the cable contract. If an invoice has already been created, you can see it there. You can then send the SEPA mandate via the contact form. You must be logged in to MyVodafone.




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