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Why does Vodafone continue charging monthly bill after cancelling the contract?

I moved from Germany to another country and informed Vodafone about this. Moving to another country is a legit reason to cancel the contract without any penalties in many other services, e.g., BVG, insurances. I called Vodafone (of course no English call center!!! in 2019) and explained (or did my best to explain) my case and understood that my contract would be canceled without charges. Two months after my move and sending the equipment, I still see that Vodafone Kabel charges me 40 Euro/month. Any similar experiences? I want to get my un-fairly charged money back. Since I had no access to any English speaking Vodafone service, I am writing here to get some idea how to solve this issue. 

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When you move in the minimum contract term to a place they cannot deliver there services they charge you addtional three months as compensation for ending the contract early. 

Which date is on your confirmation ? 

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