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I got a new job and will move to the new city at the end of the month. The new apartment is provided by the employer already with the Internet. That is, I can not move the current contract. How can I terminate my contract? From the support I got this:

Dear Mr. Shiriaev,
to solve your problem, please visit our Vodafone forum under Open a new thread for your questions and have a little patience. One of my colleagues will take care of your problem.
Also, I found new tenants. They will make a new contract.
I do not want to leave for them my.

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Sorry to tell, but that the new apartment already has internet is no reason for a premature contract termination.


You can only prematurely terminate the contract if the old contract cannot be fullfilled at the new address (e.g. no cable connection at all -or- no cable connection by Vodafone -or- not the same speed possible).

If there is the possibility to realize the same contract at the new address, the contract will move (and you cannot prematurely cancel it).


In case that the contract cannot be fullfilled at the new location, you can terminate the contract to the date that you move - but you have to pay the monthly fees for additional 3 months (according to the telecommunications law).


Re: Vodafone kabel contract termination

Hello ioganegambaputi,


welcome to our community. Nice to see you. reneromann has already answered you and it is right.


Send me the following informations in a private message:


full name

current and new address

customer number


Write a short reply here afterwards.


Best regards



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