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Vodafone internet is broken and still no answers


Hi there

I've been a Vodafone customer – here in Berlin, Germany – for little over a year. In the first few months everything seemed fine but as the year went on the quality of the connection decreased. Towards the back end of last year I experienced huge problems with my cable internet. At some points it was completely disconnecting. In Nov/Dec I received compensation for this lack of service but no explanation as to the issues occuring or how long they would take to resolve.

It's the new year and the same issues are appearing again. 5Mbit/s DL, less than 1Mbit/s UL and a consistent ping of around 200ms. when I'm paying for a 1GB package. After reaching out to Customer Support on Twitter I've been told things like "'a workload must be expanded" or "a disassembly is being carried out". While I appreciate that maintenance is required to improve things, it doesn't tell me how long I'm expected to go without internet for. This is made even more frustrating by the fact that – like many others – rely on a strong & stable internet connection to work from home to make a living! Let alone having a connection strong enough to watch a film while I'm stuck in lockdown.

Vodafone have a duty to tell their PAYING CUSTOMERS if there is an issue in the area and when it will be resolved. I'm at the end of my tether trying to squeeze any kind of information out of Customer Service, only to end up with "we don't know how long this will take". It's completely unacceptable. For a company built on communication, you sure are terrible at it.

Please fix the problems in the area and provide your customers the service they're paying for!

Aron Jones.

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Hello AronJ,


please send me your name, address, date of birth and customer number via PN .


After that, please leave a short info here.


Best regards, Martin

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