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Vodafone has added a three TV contracts to my account WITHOUT MY CONSENT!!!!


I contract internet ONLY with Vodafone on 13.02.2021, and received a package with the rooter 

But to my surprise, I received a second package with TV receptor

I went to MyVodafone/my contract and saw that Vodafone has added me a Vodafone Premium Plus Cable, Basic TV Cable and GigaTV Cable including Vodafone Premium contracts on 22.02.2021!! Without my consent!! This is unbelievable...

And it seems I cannot cancel Vodafone Premium Plus Cable contract before 22.02.2022 and GigaTV Cable including Vodafone Premium before 22.02.2023 

Contract number is ***. 

I want it cancelled right now, and send anybody to my house to pick up the package. 

Vodafone should really pay attention to what their commercial people is doing. THIS IS A SCAM


Edit: @PabloOvalle customer number removed.

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Hi PabloOvalle,


let's take a look. Send me your customer number, name, date of birth and address in a private message.


Then reply again here in the post.




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