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Vodafone Rep Came to my door, signed a new contract and it never showed up.

I need help in English please.


Months have passed since 2 representatives came to my apartment and offered me a lower contract. I have reached out to service with this message on Sat, Aug 14


Original Message to Vodafone Support:

A representative stood at my door and signed a new contract that did not appear on my account. I am afraid that my data has been stolen.

Since I don't speak German very well (I speak English), they all had  Vodafone labels and could also  look up my Vodafone account  . So it seemed to be legal.

However, I am not sure what happened. I need an English speaking representative to call me and make sure my data hasn't been stolen and explain what happened to me.

At this point it has been about 2-3 months.



Their response was to post here and request help in English. My german skills are not yet good enough to troubleshoot in this manner.


Please help me discover if this was a real contract I signed with Vodafone, or I was scammed by someone representing the company. 

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Hi josnatol,


we can take a look and see if we have any information for you.


Please send me a private message with the following information:


- your full name

- your full address

- date of birth

- customer number

- e-mail address

- the link of this thread


Please reply here when you have sent the private message.




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