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Vodafone Kabel Internet Contract by Saturn


I have made a Vodafone Kabel Internet contract over ( ).

Modem is sent from Vodafone and i configured all. Now this is the 4. month that i am using without problem.

Now comes the problem: when i make this contract saturn gives 100 EUR Saturn Coupon. And when i paid the second bill i contacted the officers to take this coupon. They told me that my contract seams to be cancelled by Vodafone. I told that i am using now and it is not cancelled but no chance. The officer says that i must call vodafone to solve this. Ok. After that i called Vodafone and a kind lady helped me and talked with some others to examine and solve the problem. After some minutes she is told me that my contract is not cancelled and Vodafone will send the same Coupon to me in 6 days. This was 1 month before. I have also contacted Vodafone by whatsapp but they only can help people which are speaks German. The Vodafone whatsapp team  routed me to this forum. Now i am here and waiting for the solution.  I am sending the screenshot from saturn's site. 

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The problem is: Vodafone has nothing to do with issuing this coupons - you'll have to deal with the company that issues these coupons. I'm not perfectly sure whom that is - but from the impressum on that linked website, it's the "S-KON eKontor24 GmbH" company. So either they made an error in communication with Vodafone or the contract details do not match - anyhow Vodafone is not able to do anything about it. It's now up to you if you deal with that company as this company has to issue the coupon if their conditions are met...

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Hi Cahid,


i agree with @reneromann. The voucher was promised by another company and they are the contact person there. By the way, we do not offer coupons of this kind ourselves.




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