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Unauthorised charging



I am an exiting custoemr of Telekom and I saw an offer in Check24 from Vodafone to switch my service to Vodafone and get 1 year free internet (2 years contract).

I shared all of the information about my telekom contract with Check24 and they shared it with Vodafone.

But now Vodafone is charging me for the first year as well. 

Can you please help me step by step that what should I do?

I called you hotline and they can not speak english.

I went to your shop and they didn't help me since I bought my service online!


So what should I do?




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Hello PaVaa,


I'm happy to help you. Did you receive a form for changing provider and send it back filled out?


Let me check if the change of provider service was registered with you. Please send me your customer number, name, date of birth and address by private message. Afterwards, please report back here in the thread.


Best regards




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