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Termination of contract

Hi, sorry that I am posting in English as my German is not good. I am moving out of Germany by the end of November and I would like to cancel my vodafone cable contract. I've been using it for the past two years. Although my initial contract duration was for 2 years which should have expired by november 2021, currently I see that my latest termination is nov 2022, why is that so?


As I am leaving Germany, I would like to cancel it by the end of November. However, I am reading that I will be charged for three months after I move out. I would like to start my 3 months notice from now so it can be canceled by December. How can I do it?

Also, please let me know the process to cancel the contract. 

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Hi @Navan7,


That's not a problem writing in English here. Smiley (fröhlich)


The reason you see the new expiration date is that you didn't cancel the contract three months before ending. 

But don't worry. You have special right of cancellation (TKG §46, subparagraph 8 )  when you move abroad. 


Please send your termination letter to VF with your deregistration paper. When you have a new apartment on your new location you can also send your new address VF.


Here the scenarios you have a special right of cancellation (only in German)

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Hi Navan7,


not only in German @Mav1976. Smiley (zwinkernd)


@Navan7 Please have a look here in this thread. If there are any further questions, feel free to ask.




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