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Termination of contract

Dear Vodafone team,


Please terminate my contract "Red Internet & Phone 200 Cable" since I'm leaving Germany in November.


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Just to be clear: This is a forum where users help users and NOT an official way to contact Vodafone in order to place any cancellation request!


Next thing:

If you move in November, you'll have to pay for December, January and (part of) February, depending on the date you move, as the telecommunication law decribes that the 3 months notice period starts the earliest with the date that you move.


So the easiest way would be to send a cancellation request in German language (as German is the sole contractual language, any requests written in other languages are void) stating that you move out of Germany (and include your new address). You may receive an answer that is pointing out the cancellation date to match the end of your minimum contractual term (which might be far behind your moving date) and requests you to provide further proof if available. After you've got your official deregistration letter, simply send a copy to Vodafone and request to adjust the cancellation date to match the date in the deregistration letter - your cancellation will then be adjusted to match the 3 months period stated in the telecommunications law beginning by the date of movement.


Please also send back all rental devices in time (e.g. at latest14 days after you move out of Germany).

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Thank you very much for you detailed response!


I've heard about notification period of 3 months that's why I'd like to cancel the contract in this month - August and

I've been using Vodafone more than 2 years already so it should match with the end of my contractual period.


Regarding the official way to contact Vodafone unfortunately I couldn't find it on your official website.

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Just to be clear:

Even with my role as SuperUser, I'm only a customer and NOT affliated in any way with Vodafone. SuperUsers are only "normal" customers having special moderation rights to help the Vodafone staff to keep the forum "clear".


Regarding to the official contact ways:

You may use the contact form -or- a written letter.

The adress where to send the letter should be stated on each invoice.


And for the contractual term:

If the 24 months term is falling within those 3 months -AND- you request the cancellation right now (at least 3 months before the contractual term is over - otherwise the contract will have been automatically extended for another 12 months), your contract will end at that date instead of the 3 months after your movement date. You'd therefor only need to send your cancellation request to Vodafone in time (at least 3 months before your contractual term ends) - no need to state anything from your move abroad and no need to send a copy of your official deregistration documents.


But please remember to send your cancellation in German language!

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Hello xprommer1,


I'll take care of the resignation.


Send me the following informations in a private message:


full name

date of birth

current and new address

customer number

day of move


Write a short reply here afterwards.


Best regards



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