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Termination letter and procedure

My contract ends in 3.5 months (28.3.2020, Kundennummer ***) and I would like to terminate my Kabel internet, I am moving to a new flat on 1.3.2020 which already has internet.
1. Is it possible to terminate the contract?
2. Do I have to send a termination letter? If so, is there a template I can fill in? My German is quite poor unfortunately. I tried to search this 
3. Where and when do I send the modem as well? 
Is there anything else I should know in advance?
Vielen Dank!


Edited personal data / LG, Su

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Hello EvanS,


I'll be glad to help you. You can have your contract moved with us if we can continue to take care of you at your new address. If it should not be possible, then you can cancel your contract with a period of notice of 3 months starting from the removal date after the telecommunications law. You have written that there is already an Internet contract there. Does the person you are moving to have a contract with us and Internet over cable?


If he is our customer, please send me the following from both of you: Customer number, name, date of birth and address by private message. Subsequently, you announce yourselves again here in the contribution.


Best regards


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