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Still paying for my contract



I got direct to put my email here, because I got an email from



I just got another payment for Vodafone while I am not a member anymore since the 2nd of September (please see the original email). I requested this payment back right away. (please see original email).

I have payed my abmahnung for the 30th of September, which I didn't agree with but payed anyway... (please see original email). I have sent the router back a while ago and you told me you received it (please see original email).

I have had back and forward emails with ***, but he stopped replying, so my conclusion is that the contract terminated. (please see original email).

Please stop taking monthly fees for my contract which is not existing anymore.






EDIT: Klarname editiert

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Hi KevinRoevens,


are you sure that the contract doesn't exist any more?

If you have received a cancellation confirmation for your tariff, what is the cancellation date?




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