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Vodafone is the worse provider ever!!! Never again!!!

I have sent the termination info to on 25.02.2021 because of moving out of the current apartment end of May and vodafone can't provide service at the new place. I didn't get any info back then. I called several times to customer(if vodafone knows this word) support during those months and the only info I was given that I need to call again when I have access to new apartment, so vodafone technician can come and check that there is no technical possibility to connect with vodafone. Today(03.05) I received and email that I my termination is due at 29.08? Why, wtf? vodafone won't be providing internet for me. I pay to vodafone and vodafone gives nothing in return. It's a fraud!!!!!

After paying to this sh**ty provider for 6 years, you still want to get hold of 3 months without any logic reason.

I hope you vodafone will vanish to not cheat people!




Edit: @AndriiK  Moved from feedback in the right board. Best regards Kurtler

Userban wg. Missachtung der Forenregeln. Gruß, das Mod-Team

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That is German law.

Telekommunikationsgesetz §46



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Hi AndriiK,


apart from your inappropriate tone, for which you will be immediately banned from this forum, the legal regulations apply to you as well as to everyone else.


I close this thread herewith as well, since a continuation of this conversation doesn’t make sense anyway.




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