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Regarding the monthly bill

 I ordered the Internet & Phone 100 Cable from my employer benefit account. 
As I work in Lear corporation I ordered it from the corporate account. So I get a discount on my order. Please find the attached document. 

 According to the attached document. my monthly bill would be 9.99 euros for 12 months. but I am paying  19.99 euros every month.  Please explain to me why?

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Hi Deepika,


actually, it's easy to explain. It already emerges from the document.


For technical reasons, some of the conditions and promotion advantages cannot be displayed directly in the contract. Vodafone Kabel Deutschland deducts the standard tariff price (19.99 Euro) from your account. From myfone24 GmbH you will receive a promotion credit of 6,- Euro (120 Euro in total) for a period of 20 months. This results in a calculated monthly fixed cost of 9.99 Euro for the first 12 months.




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