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Problem with my contract termination date and bill


My first Vodafone WLAN bill was deducted from my account on 27th May, 2019. Then I was unaware of the fact that I must downgrade on April, 2020. and I was of the opinion that I must downgrade in May,2020. 


So in may, 2020 I was deducted 50 euros and then I have downgraded my plan and From june ,2020 I am deducted 33-34 euros roughly.


My understanding with the customer care person is that for next one year again I will be in the same plan i.e till next June 2021, But today when I called to the customer care they said it is  till June 2022. I am confused on this. How can it be tilll 2022 without my approval???


Kindly give a call back to my number as soon as possible.


 Wifi customer number :***
 Arun ***: Birth date : 10.11.1992


Edit: Customer number and username removed for data protection reasons. VF_Grit


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Hi ArunKumar,


welcome to our Community.


Maybe there was a misunderstanding. If you changed in May to a lower tariff this plan is fixed until you cancel the contract.


The downgrade itself should not increase your contract term to June 2022.


If you want I can have a look on that. Please send me a private message with the following information:


your name

your address

date of birth

your customer number

the link of this thread


Please reply here when you have sent the private message.




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