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New to Vodafone, problems with internet



I am new at Vodafone, I mare my contract via phone last week and I got told after my Fritzbox arrives its just plug and play, Saturday I got the router I installed it, configured it everything great but my internet is not functional, it says when I'm connected with a cable that I have internet acces but i can't acces anything. Also on the site my status at internet is "not connected" and my router is not getting any ipv6 and ipv4 ip. Can anyone help me? I called vodafone but my german is not so good and I got told to wait 1-2 days but they passed and I'm still here with no internet acces.


Any tips?

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Hi @KarasiCka,

I can gladly take a look at the connection Can you send me your customer data (customer number, name, address and date of birth of the contract holder) via private message?

Then please let me know in the post when you have sent me the data.




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