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New contract with TV


Good morning,
Because I didn't get any feedback by mail,  I called by phone and I tried to change my contract. My german is not very good and I fear the operator couldn't understand me that good.  I wanted to reduce the kabel speed to 100Mbit/s and add TV to the contract.
Could you confirm that my contract have been changed to 100Mbit/s?
I understood that it will be 34.99euro/month. Could you confirm?
For the TV I really didn't catch up everything he said. I understood that the first 6 months I will have to pay 4.99euro/month and then it will increase to 9.99euro/month. Could you confirm?
Do we have to pay something extra for getting TV? kind of a router?
When the new contract will start? March?
Do we need to do something to the router or simply the speed will be reduced and no action is required?
I also understood that because we take TV and internet there is a 5 euro discount. Is this correct?
How do we instal/activate the TV?
Thanks for your support.

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let's take a look. Send me your customer number, name, date of birth and address in a private message.


Then reply again here in the post.




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