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New DSL contract - Activated but wrong speed



Hello! Apologizes for the English message. 

After 25 days of waiting, my DSL contract was activated today, I was supposed to have a technician visit, but no one ever showed, I received an SMS saying that was not possible to activate my order and I should arrange another day for the technician, but my internet is working (That's good because I need to work from home). 

The problem is that I have signed Red Down: 250Mb/s / Up: 40Mb/s and I am receiving now Down: 50Mb/s  Upload: 10Mb/s only, and also my fritz box shows the maximums (Geschwindigkeit: ​↓ 110,0 Mbit/s ↑ 23,4 Mbit/s)


I would like to know if I need a new technician appointment or is it something that Vodafone can solve with Telekom. I just want to have the right thing installed. I think I probably need some VDSL/DSLAM maneuver.

Tried to call Vodafone today, and they asked me to send a letter Smiley (traurig)

Is there anyone that can help?  


Thanks in advance.

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Hi brnrossi,


no problem, you can write us here in English. Smiley (fröhlich)


Let's see, what's wrong there. Please send me a private message with your customer number and password (alternatively your full name, address and birth date).




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