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New Contract clarifications


Hello and thanks in advance for the help. 
I just renew my contract and there is one detail that I'm not sure I understood. 
it says - 9.99 Mobile and Euro-flat plus, notice period 1 day.
does that mean that I'll pay extra 9.99 for the ability to make calls from landline to mobile phones?
If I understood it right, I don't have any need for that and would like to remove that cost form my contract. 
could you please help out?
and on another topic, my new connection support 1000mb. how can I optimise the speed on my devices? currently I get top 500mb on speed test with a device in the same room with the router. 

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Hello Idan1,


If it is a Vodafone Kabel Deutschland connection, please send me your details (name, address, customer number, date of birth of the contract holder) by personal message and then get back to me here when the message is out.

Then we will take a look at your contract.

You can find tips on WLAN optimisation here.


Many greetings


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