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Name change

How can I change the name for receiving letters/bills? The last letter I received had my first two names, instead of first and last, and the mailman was not going to deliver the letter, hadn´t it been my flatmate mentioning that the letter was addressed to me.

I also don´t receive bills by email, how can I receive them?

What information is needed to change the person who is in charge of the contract? I am in the process of moving out (to another place in Germany), and I want to transfer the current contract to the new tenants (the contract will stilll be associated to the same address as the current contract).


Thank you very much for your help!

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Hi frcsm16,


welcome here to our Community.


If you move anyway and want to rewrite your contract to the roommate, we can skip the change for you and request the rewrite right away. It always takes a few days until everything is done. That would be less of a hassle for you.




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