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Moved abroad in June, cancelled in June but Vodafone is still charging me

Dear Vodafone, please stop charging me for a service that I am clearly not using anymore since the end of May 2018.


I have sent the router back end of May and quit the contract after I finally received the Abmeldungsbestatigung from Bremen in June. On 29.06.18 I received a Kündigungsbestätigung from Vodafone. On 04.07.18 I received another Kündigungsbestätigung from Vodafone. I quickly read that my contract would end on 14.08.18. I was not happy to pay for 2.5 more months that I am clearly not using your services, but agreed with it. Then I noticed that after the 14th of August Vodafone again withdrew money from my account and then I saw that the last Kündigungsbestätigung stated that my contract would end on 14.08.2019!!


I called Kundenservice to explain again (the info was already in my cancellation letter and the Abmeldungsbestatigung) that I moved to the Netherlands, that I do not make use of my cable anymore and that I was not willing to pay until August 2019. It was a very unpleasant conversation during which the Kundenservice employee was yelling at me telling that this is just the contract that I signed (in August 2014). He finally told me that my contract could stop 3 months after moving abroad but that he would still need proof that I moved to the Netherlands. We do not have this kind of Anmeldungsbestatigung in the Netherlands but I managed to get a letter from my municipality. I sent this proof in August and received again another Kündigungsbestätigung stating that my contract would end 30.10.2018. That is not 3 months after moving abroad! Then in a new Rechnung I received for September it was stated that my contract will end on 21.05.18. This is so confusing!


According to what I read on this forum you apply the rule that you have to pay 3 more months after moving abroad to other customers. That same rule should apply to me which means that I should only pay extra for June, July and August.


Could you please set this right in your administration, send me a confirmation and stop sending me bills. It makes me crazy!


My reply comes quite late after the last letter from Vodafone because I am trying to finish my PhD research and cannot keep myself busy with this nonsense. 

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Hi svdl,


you've come to the right place. We'll take a look at the whole thing. Send me your customer number, name, date of birth and address in a private message.


After that you reply again here in the post.




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