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Missing contract and customer number information



I called Vodafone earlier this month to sign up for cable internet in my new flat in Schöneberg, Berlin. The agreement was that I would have a 2-year contract for 39,99 € a month after the first 6 months, which were free. I had signed up for a Vodafone profile online and saw that in order for me to activate my internet and my contract, it required a customer number that would be delivered in the mail.


The next couple of days I got an e-mail confirming that Vodafone was going to deliver a modem to my house. I received the modem today and plugged everything in thinking it was all good to go, but nothing happened. I had forgotten that I must first confirm my contract with such information as my customer number. But after about 2 weeks, this letter has still not arrived in the mail, so I cannot add/activate my contract and thus my internet.


When will this letter confirming my contract and customer number arrive? Is there a way to add the contract and additional information some other way? I'm a bit in the dark and would very much appreciate help.


Thank you very much,


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Hi ChristianAO,


you will receive the order confirmation by e-mail or mail. It may also have been included with the hardware. The contract does not have to be activated. This actually happens automatically with the connection of the cable router. Is it now only about the registration in My Vodafone or does the connection not work.




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