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Leaving Germany - Cancelling Kabel Internet Contract

Hello! I will be leaving Germany at the end of April 2019 to move back home to Australia and I have some questions about cancelling my contact.

As I am leaving the country, I have read online did I should be able to do this as long as I have given three-months notice. 


My questions are:
1. What documents are required to do this? Will I need a Germany De-Registration confirmation? (ABMELDEBESTÄTIGUNG) 

2. If I require a Germany De-registration document, I will only be able to get this a few weeks before I leave Germany. Is it possible that I fill out a contract termination form now (January) and show the de-registration document later for termination in April? I don't want to have to pay for three months of Kabel internet after I leave in April.

Thank you for the support.



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Hello timmyc87,


please send me in a private message your full name, your current address, your new address, the customer number, and the date of move. I take care of the registration of the removal order.


Regards Billy

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