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Re: Horrible service: I want to get out of the contract early
Hi folks,

Vodafone I want to just appreciate how horrible internet service you have provided to me. You have set a new low for internet service providers. They will look up to you and frighten their customers for what will happen if they sing up with you.

Now the rant is over, getting to the main topic. I have been a vodafone customer for about a year now, and it’s everything but pleasant, I started observing internet fluctuations on my connections in a month after it was installed, but it was okay. Next thing I know, I don’t have internet connection in weekends and it started becoming a regular thing. So I complained and it was resolved, next time I had no internet for a week. I like everyone was working from home and without internet it was not possible, so I ask my employer to let me be in office (this was the peak corona time). This got resolved after a week and everything was back to normal, and it started happening again , internet gone on weekends. It was a really hard time. I tweeted about it too so I have proof of when the internet was down. Its still the same as I write, my internet speed fluctuates and most of the time I can’t make a WhatsApp call as the service is this ***ty. So as like any other person I started playing games, and by what you have read so far, not good. I have pings between 100-200 most of the time and packet loss of 4-10%. My games are ruined and I get called a noob and what not by strangers on internet. Depressing.

So after all this and contacting vodafone multiple times, I just want to give in and change my contract. I was hoping there will be a legal precedent which allows customers to get out of contact if the company is unable to provide service as promised in the contract.

I just want to take opinion of the community on this regard.
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As the ping time is not part of the contract, you will have to live with that.


If this is not acceptable for you, your only way is to cancel the contract to the end of the contractual term - because a non-contractually agreed upon point like the ping time cannot be taken as reason for a premature cancellation.

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They are incompetent. I have very similar problems and I don't get service either. Wish you the best of luck getting out of the contract.

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Hello KeinRückzug,


I'm sorry you're having problems with your connection. I would be happy to take a look at your connection. Please send me the information from the article All about fault reports .

And I need your customer data via private message (customer number, name, date of birth and address). Afterwards, please contact me again here in this article.

Best regards

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