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Existing Cable User - Moving to new apartment with DSL only


Hi there,


I am using cable in my current apartment and moving to a new apartment with DSL only on 1 March.

I understand that i have the right to cancel the cable contract with 3 months notification.


Here are my questions:

- Will the cable service in old apartment stop on 1 March or it is still usable until end of notification period?

- If i submit the cancellation request by 31 Jan, the notification period stay till 30 Apr. If submit on 1 Feb, it is until 31 May?



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Can somebody help please?

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According to court rulings, the special notice period according to §46 TKG (3 months to the end of the month) starts with the move date, i.e. in your case on March 1st, 2021. Your contract therefore ends on May 31st, 2021. You just have to report the move and submit a copy of the transfer certificate.
However, if you switch to Vodafone DSL, you can bypass the notice period, in which case the cable internet contract will be terminated at the start of the DSL contract. You then have a minimum contract period of 24 months.

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