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English support


Dear Community,


I'm trying to reach the English Vodafone support without success.
I spend all the morning trying to talk with the machine that does not understand me or even redirects me to an operator. And when I finally reach an operator, they don't speak English.


To sell, it was easy and everyone speaks English, but to support it's really a shame!


I'll give one more shot here before I withdraw the contract.

I receive a cable modem that doesn't have IPv4 (only IPv6). I need IPv4 to continue using the smart home integrations that I have, home vpn and legacy integrations. How can I have an IPv4?

Second, I need to open doors in my router, to redirect to, for example, my personal vpn server. I don't have this option in my Cable modem anymore (that was removed in the last firmware update from it)

Can someone help me? 







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I just used my right to cancel the contract in 14 days. Is too much stress to deal with your support.


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