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There is a problem that you need to resolve please.  A few weeks ago I requested cable and Festnetz service from Vodafone to begin on September 1st - this was very clear when I ordered my account because this is when I will move into my new apartment.  The customer service representative mistakenly sent the router to me immediately.  Then for some strange reason Vodafone activated my account and started billing me even though I haven't moved into my new apartment, nor activated my device.  

I called twice yesterday and spoke with two of Vodafone's customer service representatives, and one told me to send back the router, and he would cancel my account and open a new one, then send me another router.  What a complete waste of my time and your employee's time to do this instead of just resetting the billing date!  I asked to speak with a supervisor and he said he had no manager, and to write to customer service.  They wrote to me today and asked me to post the issue on this forum.   Where is the responsive customer service and accountability?


Can't someone just reset my start date for Septemeber difficult can that be?? Thanks.



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This sadly won't work. Depending on the contract information that you got, the contract already started.

And I'm pretty sure that there is no such thing like a "reset" to not pay until September 1st and start the contract then, if the contract has already been (automatically) activated.

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