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[ENG] Former Unitymedia Internet Contract Cancellation



I have a 2play FLY 400 contract with Unitymedia contract. I sent the request for contract termination but got rejected. What is the problem? 

Firstly I got an internet contract with Vodafone by online registration and then got upgraded with Unitymedia contract converted. 

I am moving to another apartment with my friend, which already has an internet connection so I want to cancel this product.

I want to end this contract as soon as possible. 

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A premature cancellation of the contract is only possible if the contract cannot be served as agreed upon at the new location. Anyhow, it does NOT matter if there is already an internet line or not.


So in case your contract can be served at the new location, it'll move to that new location, even if there is another internet line in place. In that case, you can only cancel the contract at the end of the termin using the regular notice periods to that end of the contractual term.


And one side note: As German is sole contractual language, your cancellation needs to be written in German language.

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I already filled in the cancellation form in german, and Vodafone accepted the cancellation. However, their termination date is until September 2021. I wonder if there are other ways to make the termination date earlier. 


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Hi Thanh249,


please excuse the waiting time. Verlegener Smiley


I have just taken a closer look at your concern. If I understand you correctly, are you moving in with your girlfriend ?! Is she a customer of ours?


best regards


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