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[EN] Termination of contract with "Abmeldung"

Hello, I read on my bill that I have time till 1st of May to terminate my 2 years contract on the 13th of June.


It is very likely I have to move out of Germany for a new job soon, so I will to the "Abmeldung". Is it possible for me to terminate the Vodafone contract after the 1st of May without any additional fee if I have the Abmeldung, or should I pay anyway the termination fee to break the contract before the new end (13th June 2021)?


Best Regards,




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Hello Riccardo,


such early termination is not possible due to the Telecommunications Act. So you can't get out of the contract from one day to the next. When exactly do you move and what is the regular duration of your contract?




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