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Desperatly trying to open an Cable contract




I've been trying to open a new internet Cable contract with Vodafone for several weeks now and I keep getting ignored and forgotten. This is kind of ridiculous, I'm trying to give Vodafone money and they simply silently ignore me…

On 28.10 I tried to open a CableMax 1000 contract for my new apartment, via Vodafone's website, got a first confirmation email, then I never got any kind of update. I contacted Vodafone's twitter support on 10 Nov 20, who told me there was absolutely no record of my contract on their system and that they couldn't give me an update.

Fair, I thought, mistakes happen, so on 23.11 I tried ordering again via the website. And I feel this is still happening, only a first confirmation email then absolutely nothing. I've checked my spam folder, and it's not there.

The issue is that I have no customer number, and no information whatsover on what's happening now… I also signed a SEPA authorization each time, for nothing! If you're going to silently drop my registration, don't ask me to give my bank information!!

It's also ridiculous that because of this I missed on the CableMax offer and now would have to pay more for the same (see price comparison below).

So, is there a way to have a clear answer on what's happening?? Somewhere to follow my order, and if it gets cancelled for some reason is it possible to know why?






Price on 28.10:

Monatliche Kosten und Vorteile Vodafone CableMax 1000 39,99 €
HomeBox FRITZ!Box 6591 4,99 €  
Summe 44,98 €


Price on 23.11

  Monatliche Kosten und Vorteile Red Internet & Phone 1000 Cable (ab dem 7. Monat 49,99 €) 19,99 € HomeBox FRITZ!Box 6591 4,99 €  

Summe in den ersten 6 Monaten 24,98 € Summe ab dem 7. Monat 54,98 €


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Can't find how to edit my post, but I'm in NRW.

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Hi Notjrm

Thank you for your detailed description. Please send me your full address and name via PM and I will check it for you.

Please write here as soon as the PM has been sent.

Best regards

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