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Contract termination

Dear All,

I would be really grateful if someone from the Moderators / People in charge could help me with the following:


I am moving from Germany end of March 2020 / beginning of April 2020. However, I have still two running contracts with, one for cable internet (mobile funk 100) and one for prepaid cellphone services.


I would like to terminate both of the contracts. I have been informed that I need Abmeldung (deregistration), which I will obtain end of March at earliest, so I can not submit that yet.

Also, I have been informed that I can go to the Netherlands and just transfer my mobile contract from to, which turned out not to be true (please see thread attached, I contacted Vodafone Netherlands).


Can please someone help with this topics, I would like to terminate both of the cable internet contract and mobile phone contract as of 01.04.2020.


I will send my references and all necessary information.


Thank you in advance!



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Hi Danijela1810,


let´s take kare of the cable contract first. Send me your customer number, name, date of birth old and new address in a private message.


Then reply again here in the post.




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